A letter to my Generation...What is happening?

We are the generation told we could do anything or be anything that we wanted.  When did we stop believing that?  When did we start accepting that food would be poison and be the cause of our death?  When did we accept the fact that the President of The United States would be elected solely based of off popularity points?  When did we accept that Idiocracy would not take 500 years but only 10?  It seems that with every step forward someone gets scared and gets the whole group killed, all the while complaining that we would never have had a problem if we just stayed in the cave.  Our world is dying!  Our culture is decaying!  Our soul is empty!  It is time to change.  It is time to accept that you as an individual, need to stand up for what is right.  You need to set people straight when they are wrong.  You need to research what you preach otherwise you sell the same bullshit propaganda as the rest of them.  It is time to stand up, pick up the torch that was dropped by the great leaders before us, and move forward.  Does anyone think it is safe to fight on an airplane traveling at 500 mph at 35,000 feet?  No!!!!  That would be asinine!  Yet we think it is smart to bomb, shoot, kill, and destroy while on this planet while it chases the sun through the universe at 25,000 mph, dodging Meteors and asteroids, avoiding black holes, and all the while giving us an environment where we can thrive. 

What the fuck!?  Think about it.  Make a difference.  Live a good life.  Do not be an Asshole.